Zoran Janković

Welcome to Ljubljana!
I am delighted to see our beautiful Ljubljana hosting the international first aid convention FACE 2016. Ljubljana is an excellent choice for organising such a meet as we respect, appreciate and daily live the values advocated by the Red Cross – chief among them being humanity, solidarity and mutual aid.

All of these values are key in our everyday work and have contributed to us receiving the prestigious European Green Capital 2016 Award – the highest title for sustainable development of European cities. Apart from acknowledging our care for the environment, this award also stresses solidarity towards fellow humans and future generations, because it is our duty and responsibility to bequeath them with nature that is at least as well preserved as the one we enjoy today.

Dear guests!
I wish you all the best in your meeting and competition as well as cordially invite you to discover the sights of our delightful Ljubljana, in my eyes the most beautiful city in the world. Take a stroll through the old town centre, where we dedicated all the spaces to pedestrians and cyclists, and enjoy the liveliness of our streets and squares. Visit the Ljubljana Castle, wander along the Ljubljanica river banks and amble through the city's central park – Tivoli. And these are just the starting points to discover our city. I am convinced that Ljubljana, our green, tidy, clean, safe, friendly and helpful city will continue to thrill you!

You are always welcome here and we will certainly receive you with open arms!

Zoran Janković

Mayor of the City of Ljubljana

Renata Brunskole

“The Slovenian Red Cross would like to extend its gratitude to Borut Pahor, the President of the Republic of Slovenia, for his honorary patronage of FACE 2016.”

The Slovenian Red Cross is proud and pleased to have been given the opportunity to allow the best European Red Cross teams to test their on site skills and abilities at simulations of various life-threatening situations, in the year that we celebrate 150 years of successfully facing various challenges. The event will be organised in the area of and cooperation with the FACE 2016 sponsor City Municipality of Ljubljana, this year’s European Green Capital, and in close cooperation with the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia, the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia.

The most predictable characteristic of every humanitarian crisis is its unpredictability. This is why the constantly present need to be well prepared for quick responses is one of the most important public mandates of the Slovenian Red Cross. The fact that the current winner of the European First Aid Convention comes from Slovenia, more exactly the Grosuplje association of the Slovenian Red Cross, proves that we are not only well but extremely well prepared.

See you soon in Ljubljana!

Darko But

Dear guests!

Slovenia’s exceptional geographical diversity in conjunction with climate change increases the chance of various natural and other disasters, where protection and saving of human lives take precedence over any other protection and relief activities. In case of disasters we can suddenly be faced with a large number of injured and/or sick people as well as conditions that prevent professional health services from quickly reaching the population in need. It is in such circumstances that the values of solidarity and voluntary service really come to the fore as does the importance of the protection and relief forces that are fundamental to the Slovenian system of protection from natural and other disasters and disaster relief.

The fundamental mission of first aid teams is to provide direct treatment by offering first aid to the injured and sick in severe mass, natural and other disasters. It is indeed the timely and correct provision of first aid that can save an injured or sick person’s life, improve their chance of getting well soon and prevent disabilites. These are weighty reasons that compel us to carry out planned, timely and continuous training as well as maintain our knowledge in order to prepare for disasters and provide quality first aid. Training first aid team members expands the network of individuals who are capable of providing effective first aid to residents of a town where they live, work or are located at the moment somebody requires first aid.

In compliance with regulations and in agreement with relevant regional Red Cross associations, first aid teams are organised in all locales – companies, institutions, schools and municipalities. The Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief in cooperation with the Slovenian Red Cross and other non-governmental organisations moreover manages first aid teams that are capable of being deployed in any part of the country in case of mass disasters. Members of first aid teams acquire and polish their skills at basic and advanced training courses, which are the most comprehensive forms of training for non-health personnel. These courses are carried out by the Slovenian Red Cross as a public mandate based on the Slovenian Red Cross Act.

Municipalities, the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief and the Slovenian Red Cross systematically provide equipment and training to first aid teams. Annual regional contests and a national competition for Civil Protection and Red Cross teams are meant to test their ability to operate under various conditions, to renew and maintain their practical skills as well as to entice team members to strive towards the best possible provision of first aid. This in turn bolsters the activities in the field of first aid in municipalities and companies (setting up of first aid teams, providing necessary staff, member training and equipment etc).

The 13 regional competitions are on average participated in by 130 first aid teams annually (coming from the Civil Protection, Red Cross, fire-fighting and other organisations), with the first-placed team in the national competition being sent to the First Aid Convention in Europe (FACE), where the best teams have been meeting since 1987.

I am extremely pleased that this year’s FACE will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This is a vote of confidence for the Republic of Slovenia and the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief will actively participate in organising and carrying out the event.

Darko But, Director General

Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief

Andreja Katič

Dear participants and supporters of the international competition for finding the most skilled first aid team in the EU - FACE (First Aid Convention in Europe)I am pleased and proud that this year’s international competition to find the most capable first aid team in the EU is organised in the Republic of Slovenia, more accurately in Ljubljana, our capital. We are marking 150 years of Red Cross activities on the Slovenian territory, which by itself is a major jubilee. The Slovenian Red Cross serves as one of the pillars of the country’s Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, the fact that is most vividly shown during major natural and other disasters as well as distresses facing the inhabitants of our country. 

Slovenia places a lot of stress on maintaining a high level of training for its first aid teams. Our teams in turn continue proving their high level of skills, with the best proof coming in the form of victory at last year’s international FACE competition by the first aid team from the Grosuplje Red Cross regional society.

The Ministry of Defence was extremely pleased to take part in carrying out the international competition to determine the capabilities of EU’s first aid teams. Organisational support for the event will also be provided by the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief and the Slovenian Armed Forces under the aegis of the Ministry of Defence.

I hope that you will have as pleasant a stay as possible in Slovenia and gain experiences that will prove beneficial in carrying out your humanitarian mission. Welcome in Slovenia!

Andreja Katič, Minister of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia